Grieving Dog Refuses to Leave Side of Dead Companion

This is such a touching story….
True Love: The female pit bull was killed by a car on South 16th Street in Phoenix, but her partner refused to go

The image of the two animals was shared more than 2,000 times over the weekend, as users urged one another to find out what happened to the animals and what could be done to get them the help they needed.

‘These kinds of cases touch people’s hearts,’ said Rodrigo Silva of Animal Care and Control to the MailOnline.

Nuzzling his lost love, the male dog would not leave her side.

We all feel pain when we lose a loved one. It is so sweet to see that Passer-byers were trying to help.  Our family at International Cremation feels the same about our loved ones and our pets.  We are soon to be offering Pet cremations with the same care and compassion we give to our human friends.. Visit our Pets cremation website at

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