Okerstrom, Aaron James

aaronAaron James Okerstrom

9/22/1988 – 1/1/2015

Aaron passed from this life on 1/1/2015.  He is survived by his Mother, Virginia Smith (Ginny), Father, Alden Okerstrom, Princeton, MN., Brother, Timothy Albright (Budha), Stepfather, Bruce Smith, Stepbrother Joshua Smith, and Stepsister, Aurora Smith.  Aaron was born in St. Petersburg, Fl. on September 22, 1988. He attended Gulfport Elementary, Tyrone Middle School, Palm Harbor Middle, and Palm Harbor University. Most recently he resided with his Mother and Brother in Palm Harbor, Fl.  Fondly referred to as “Dork” or “Dorkie Boy” by his Mother and close friends, or as “THE KID” by his Brother, Aaron was outgoing and had a winning personality.  He was a very hard worker and desired to be successful in his life endeavors.  BUT! Aaron was not an angel…lol.  He had his share of youthful indiscretions.  These were not of the sort that would keep him back in life, but rather learning experiences that were molding him into the fine young man that any Mother would be proud of.  His stubborn nature and hard headedness often clashed with the forward steps he took.  He was making strides toward the maturity that would allow him to overcome these setbacks and eventually accomplish his goals.  Tragically the potential he had for great things in life were cut short by a freak accident on New Year’s Day.  His life ended too soon.  Those that knew him and loved him will miss him dearly. Memorial Services for Aaron will be held Saturday, January 10th, 2015 at New Destiny Worship Center located at 2110 N.  Hercules Ave., Clearwater, Fl. 33763 at 5;30 P.M.


  • Kelly Strawn

    Aaron was so special, and different. I always said he could be a cartoon character because his personality was so distinctive. He had this booming voice that filled the room where ever we were, and he would just light up whenever he saw someone he knew. Aaron had a way of making people feel special like they mattered because he was always so happy to see them. Even when he had reason not to like someone he still would welcome them gladly because really all Aaron ever wanted was for everyone to have a good time. And he always made that happen no matter what. This man was truly so very special. The only sense I can make out of this situation is that he had too much to offer this world and it wasn’t going to take him 100 years to do it. It only took Aaron 26 years to make a long lasting impression on this earth and on our hearts.

    My heart goes out to the family. His life was a gift to us all.

  • Kelly Strawn

    We Love you Aaron! Beau and I love you so much!

  • Debbie Galaleo

    These are the moments I’ll never forget.

  • Guest

    Typical Aaron. Always a goofball. Always making me laugh.

  • Debbie Galaleo

    I’ve sat here for days just staring at this page trying to come up with the right thing to say and to be honest, I can’t fully express how I really feel. I just cry and sit here in complete disbelief that this happened. You meant the world to me. You were my rock and my support when I needed it. You were my comforter, you uplifted me when I was down. My best friend, my lover, my whole world. Throughout our relationship, we talked about your goals and your dreams. We were working on forever together. I went and watched the sunrise at our spot on Vilano Beach the other day & it was like I could feel you there with me. You will never be forgotten Aaron because you’ll always be in my heart. I love you always.

  • Sean Ewing

    The very first time that I met Aaron, back when he was a way little tyke, the boy was instantly a baby brother to me. The years of enjoying the little knucklehead’s company whenever I would happen by to visit with Tim and Moms Ginny are times that I will treasure for the rest of my life. As Aaron grew to a teenager, I would always have an amazing time with him as we would embark on road trips to the Orlando area to visit with his older brother during the time that he was living there. Aaron had grown into an amazing young man, one whom I am very proud to call my friend, and am privileged to feel as though he considered me part of his family. In the wake of this tragedy, I feel as though a part of me is missing. You will be missed, Aaron. Always.

  • johana rivera

    “When God calls little children to dwell with Him above,
    we mortals sometimes question the wisdom of His love.
    For no heartache compares with the death of one small child,
    who does so much to make our world seem wonderful and mild.
    Perhaps God tires of calling the aged to His world,
    so He picks a rosebud before it can grow old.
    God knows how much we need them, so He takes but a few,
    to make the land of Heaven more beautiful to view.
    Believing this is difficult, still somehow we must try,
    the saddest word mankind knows will always be “goodbye.”
    So when a little child departs, we who are left behind,
    must realize God loves children…Angels are hard to find.




  • Alden Okerstrom

    I am on my Journey….Love, Aaron.

  • Alden Okerstrom

    Aaron, my son- you always loved to climb and it is a wonderful journey to be able to climb mountains of the sky as God is behind you and before you, so have no fear. I will always be soaring with you in my heart. Love Dad.

  • stacy Schultz (Okerstrom)

    Sorry about your loss… Prayers and thoughts are with you during this time.
    Cousin Stacy from MN

  • Marlee Monson

    Marlee Monson – Auntie from MN. We can’t go back in time to wash away the years or the pain. But we can move forward to remember those we love even though we’ve never been able to be close. I know your paternal grandmother and grandfather are with you. Rest in Peace Dear Aaron, Love Auntie :(

  • Angie Perry

    Aaron was such a nice and funny guy. I met him through Debbie, worked together and he quickly became a friend. He always made me smile. He could make a bad day a good day just by making me laugh. I will always remember sitting in the back, eating dinner and just talking about any and everything. So young, gone way too soon…RIP Aaron

  • Amanda Sawyer

    He’d always uplift you when you were having a bad day – that’s something I’ll never forget. And for that, he’ll always have a friend in me. RIP Aaron.

  • Amanda Sawyer

    Aaron & I had our ups and downs – we fought like siblings – but our talks are what I’ll remember. He wanted so many things out of life. I’ll remember our talks about his future with my mom & how he wanted to travel the world. Work will never be the same. I still feel like he’ll come around the corner laughing so loud & making all the guests smile. My 6 year old daughter will miss “Uncle Aaron” terribly. She says she’ll miss their Sonic Trips & remembers how he’d always bring her blue Doritos. He wasn’t a perfect person, but he was a good guy. He had a kind heart & a bubbly personality.

  • SJ Cash Flaboyz

    Aaron was a co worker and a really good friend. I still cant believe this horrible news. He knew how to make you laugh, i never seen him have a bad day. Be will be greatly missed. My heart goes out to his family. Fly high Aaron.

  • Bruce & Virginia Smith

    Can you hear me yelling at you? Ma

  • Bruce & Virginia Smith

    Aaron, We love & miss you. You are in our hearts, ALWAYS!
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    Thank You