Carl Wilkerson

Carl Wilkerson, 72, passed peacefully into the hands of his Lord on February 11, 2015.  He was born in  Alexandria, Va. He graduated  from Oxon Hill High School in Oxon Hill, Md.  He worked at the Navel Research Lab in Washington D.C. for eleven years.  He moved to Florida in 1979, where he worked for Daly Aluminum and Simpson Cleaning Systems before starting his own business, retiring in 2007.

Carl is survived by his bride Carol; they were together for 34 years, married 31 and were inseparable from the very first time they met.  Theirs is a love that will last beyond forever.

Carl is also survived by two beloved children; Bob Evans (Teresa) and Melissa O’Brien (Tony) both of Manassas Virginia; grandchildren Carl Aaron, Rachel, Tara and Brittany; great-grandchildren Ashlynne, Junior, Dominic, Adriana, and Wyatt.  He was preceded in death by his mother Elizabeth Wilkerson, father Carl C. Wilkerson Sr, brother Alvis and sister Jewel Lockhart.

Carl had a special love for dogs.  Since he requested no flowers, if you would like, please donate to your favorite animal rescue center so that more lives can be saved.


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  • Carol Wilkerson


    As we enter the holiday season, I miss you more
    than I can say. The memories come flooding in, no matter where I am or who I am
    with. Some of the memories are sweet, some are painful because they intensify
    the fact that you are no longer here with me. I will be forever grateful that I
    was blessed to have you in my life, to be loved so deeply and completely by
    you. I can only hope that you felt as loved by me as I did by you. Until we
    meet again, my love………………………….

    Your bride, Carol.

  • Robbi Davis

    I think of you every day and miss you so much! You will always be my “brother” and I will forever cherish the memories and the blessings you brought into my life for so many years………..and yes, I did comb my hair this morning!! I love you, Carl

  • Chuckie & Betty Headley

    School days, school days…seems like just a few months ago, but when a classmate passes I realize it has been a “Lifetime” ago. My Friend you leave a whole that will not be filled. Your Jokes will resonate forever…but will not be as funny without you! Just know you are joining the majority of our classmates who are preparing for our “Next Big OHHS Class ReUnion” and a great many of usd here will probably be there to join you for that one. I rejoice in the fact that you are now pain free and although we all miss you, you are talking the ears of loved ones and friends you haven’t seen in years…God Bless, Chuckie says

  • Penny Fischer

    I know you tried your hardest not to leave just yet but you
    also knew it was not your decision. When you called work you always asked to
    speak to your bride. I thought that was so sweet. You were so good to Carol and
    to others you came in touch with. You will be missed.

  • Carol Wilkerson


    Written by Bobby Evans 2/12/15

    There’s so much I can say about him,
    where should I begin?
    There was never doubt, he is my Dad and my best friend.
    He took care of “our” daily needs, but that’s all part of life.
    I’ll always remember his inner strength and wisdom,
    in times of smooth sailing and times of storm and strife.
    Sure, he had short comings, as all do in this walk,
    but he showed patience and understanding
    when you just needed to talk.
    He was respectful and thoughtful of other’s feelings,
    even if he didn’t agree.
    But if you should try to change his,
    that would be like downing a giant sequoia tree.
    We shared so many adventures together;
    cars, drag racing, sports and professional fights.
    Him and I at Madison Square Gardens, seeing “Smokin Joe”,
    and many others on those nights.
    He was one of the best at his trade,
    spending years teaching it to me,
    without his guiding hand, where would I be?
    I could write so much more,
    telling others of this man.
    Some you would believe, some you wouldn’t understand.
    So I’ll bring these words to a closing,
    but first I must say:
    this man will live in my head and heart
    until my dying day.

    Dedicated to my Dad and friend, Carl Wilkerson

  • Dick Olley

    Many we love have passed away too soon…. Without reason. We remember them often in a thousand different ways… In the morning… In the night… When we look at the stars.. A date… A song… A place. Carl was our best friend although opinionated sometimes still had the biggest heart. We love you and will miss you till we meet again.

  • Robbi Davis

    Even though Carl was my brother-in-law, he always treated me as a loving brother would treat his own sister. There are so many ways to describe him because he was an ordinary guy and at the same time, an extraordinary person. We all had so many good times together through the years. He was loving, kind, funny, and extremely protective of those he loved. He made my sister, Carol, the happiest I have ever seen her, even though they did not always agree on everything.
    Women used to tell him that he needed to give classes to men on how to treat a woman.
    This world has lost one of the few remaining examples of what it means to stand by your principles, and also have the courage to admit your vulnerabilities with dignity and grace.
    Carl, we all love you so very much and will miss you more than we can express. Rest peacefully now in God’s loving arms. We will never forget you and how very blessed we are to have had you in our lives.

    • Carol Wilkerson

      Above comments were posted by Robbi Davis

  • Vicki Cantara

    Florida will not be the same for me without Carl. He was a big man with a even bigger heart. I enjoyed Carl and Carol’s company and friendship right from the very first time I met them. We shared the love for animals and gopher tortoises and had many wonderful discussions. I will miss you Carl!!!

  • Carol Wilkerson

    The first time I saw Carl
    I was drawn to his personality and his spirit.
    He was outgoing, fun loving and never met a stranger. He also had a strong personality, was opinionated
    and a little rough around the edges to some.
    However, the man I fell in love with and married was to me, a gentle,
    loving, caring, wise, respectful, wonderful man. He loved me beyond reason and was the first
    to tell anyone who would listen. We had
    a happy and strong relationship for 34 great years. We had so many fun times together; camping,
    concerts, the beach for sunsets, dinner out, sharing jokes that only the two of
    us understood, garage sales, our long talks about anything and everything. He could always make me smile, I will love
    and miss him forever, but I know he is with God and I will see him again one
    day. Until then, I will take the
    memories along with the life lessons he taught me and live the life he would
    want me to.

    • Doreen Jones

      Carl was truly a man to remember. Always a kind and encouraging word for me. I met Carl as a patient but will remember him as a friend. His wife Carol the same way. She is indeed a lucky person to have had that great love..many do not. You could always see the love in their relationship. He will live on in our hearts.