Prices For Cremation Tampa Florida


Affordable prices for cremation are available at International Cremation Services in the New Port Richey, Tampa, Clearwater, Florida area. If the prices for cremation are an important factor when choosing your provider, you should call us at 727-849-1984 and ask for pricing information and make sure you compare everything very carefully. Some cremation providers list their prices for cremation by using package rates which are totally inclusive and they will give you a flat rate of the prices for cremation at their facility.

Other cremation service providers will offer prices for cremation services for each independent service that goes along with cremation. Be very careful when comparing both types of prices for cremation because while one package might seem to be more expensive, when the final bill is totaled a seemingly less expensive cremation option can wind up being much more than you expected. We choose to offer both types of cremation pricing for the maximum convenience to our customers.

Our prices for cremation are much lower compared to funeral prices because the family and relatives of the deceased are not obliged to buy an expensive casket or arrange a high-priced funeral service. Even the most affordable caskets are typically much more expensive than our beautiful cremation urns. This is another big cost for the family and relatives in case of loss of a loved one.

Alternatively, the cremated remains of a your deceased loved one are placed in a container such as a sealed urn or a latched box, and you or another family member can keep or dispose of as they wish. We also have the ability to split up the ashes into smaller keepsake urns so that the everyone in the family can have something to remember their loss.

Prices for Cremation Facts to Consider:

  • If you have been searching for prices for cremation, you have probably been confused and frustrated with the results.
  • Prices for cremation can vary depending on the area of the country you live in.
  • Some providers offer prices for cremation that include complete service packages, guaranteeing the price.
  • You should always double-check the prices for cremation to be sure you are being given the total and not a base price.

Call us at (727) 849-1984 for a full list of our prices for cremation