Who Has the Right to Make Decisions About Your Funeral?

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Who Has the Right to Make Decisions About Your Funeral?



In more than half the states, there is a statutory obligation for survivors to honor the written wishes of the deceased, to follow your personal preference. In a few states, your wishes may be over-turned in the case of cremation, however. Even if there is no personal preference law in your state it is better to have your wishes in writing than not at all. Courts routinely support all but the most outrageous wishes.

Perhaps the most useful laws are those permitting you to name a designated agent for body disposition. If you are estranged from next-of-kin or were never married to your significant other, the designated agent law allows you to name someone other than a legal spouse or relative to carry out your wishes. Or perhaps one of your children is a little more inclined to follow your wishes than the others.

Sometimes circumstances change, and it seems appropriate to change funeral plans, too. One woman’s father lived so long that none of his friends were left to come to a viewing. A public viewing for one person–just for her–didn’t make sense. Or perhaps you planned on body donation to a medical school in Idaho but die while on a trip to New York. Should your estate pay for shipping your body back to Idaho, or would you trust your agent to make appropriate alternative arrangements?

IMPORTANT — Your designated agent is not obligated to carry your wishes out if they’re highly impractical, illegal, or financially burdensome. It’s very important for you and your agent to understand how much your wishes will cost, and to plan accordingly. You should not expect your designated agent to pay for a costly funeral if you don’t set money aside for that expense.

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