Slow Economy??? Should I Pre-pay for Cremation??

Slow Economy?  Now is the Best Time to Prearrange Your Final Wishes!

    We often hear comments from people who are procrastinating about making their cremation prearrangements because of the current economic climate.  Perhaps some of their other investments have suffered or performed poorly and they are reluctant to invest in pre-paid final arrangements.  For those who may be feeling this way, we offer the following points for consideration :

1. Historically periods of recession have always been followed by periods of rapid inflation.  By locking in today’s price you are protected against this certain inflation.  You are guaranteed the services will be provided at no extra cost regardless of when they are needed.

2. Final arrangements almost always cost more at the time of need than if they had been prearranged and pre-paid.  What other investment protects against inflation and eliminates emotional overspending?

3. In today’s uncertain economic times you cannot predict the cost of various goods and services you may need.  With prearrangements made today, you know the exact price of services you are certain to need!

4. A prearranged agreement provides exactly what it is intended to, and matures exactly when it is needed.  What other investment delivers full maximum value precisely when it is needed most?

5. Not only is prearranging your final wishes a sound financial investment, it also relieves the burden from your loved ones of having to make and pay for your arrangements on the worst day of their life!

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  • john marsh

    do i9 need a next of kin to have my creamation> is it a law in florida?