Why Should I Choose Cremation?


Many people feel that opting for cremation gives them the opportunity to create and really personalize various services available such as memorial tributes and services that are conducted with or without the cremains available. When you choose cremation you have the opportunity to make decisions about placement of the ashes and memorial services while you are waiting for the cremation process to be completed. Many families choose to have just a memorial service for their loved one and then scatter the ashes. Many families have memorial services and then place the ashes in a local cemetery or a veteran cemetery at no cost to you if your family member is a veteran or spouse of a veteran.

People choose cremation for many reasons. Cost factors may also tend to make cremation more attractive. Cremation costs less than traditional burial services, especially if direct cremation is chosen, in which the body is cremated as soon as legally possible without any sort of service. There is wide variation in the cost of cremation services, having mainly to do with the amount of service desired by the deceased or the family. A cremation can take place after a full traditional funeral service, which may add cost. The type of urn may also influence cost.

With traditional funeral prices on the rise, cost has been the primary reason families choose cremation as an option. However there are other reasons people choose cremation. Some are based on environmental considerations, others have philosophical or religious reasons still others choose cremation because it is simpler and less complicated. What ever the reason, our staff is standing by to answer your questions. 727-849-1984

We are here to answer any questions about the cremation process or procedure and to provide you with the guidance throughout the planning process.

  • grandma

    A funeral home has told our granddaughter that her baby’s cremation must be handled very carefully or there will be no ashes left. What do you think of that?